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I need your kind support

You can support me by transferring cash using the following services.

For cash transfer, you will need my personal data. This data I can give only to those who I trust. Message me first, after we can talk and try to build trust.

For what do I need your support?

The project Theory of Sex is my own initiative and I do absolutely everything myself – from ideas to video editing and even websites. I don’t have any sponsors or partners.

Currently, I need support for:

1. To buy a VIDEO camera in 4K resolution.

Now I have only a photo camera Canon EOS 4000D. Very often it’s pretty difficult to film a full-length scene without interruption. Photo camera has few things (no autofocus, limited length of piece of video, no noise reduction for sound), which don’t allow to do it.

Why do I want a better camera?

    • To get videos in much better quality.
    • To film content on green screen and don’t spend hours for post-editing because of not enough video quality.
    • To film videos more naturally – without interruptions for restarting the camera.

The minimum price is $2000, better camera variant is $3000.

2. To buy a new laptop or PC.

Now I’m working on Lenovo Ideapad Y580. I love this laptop, but I use it already over 6 years, it was repaired already 3 times and works already not really well (audio card, internal Wi-Fi, jack for wired internet, HDMI, keyboard are not functioning).

My tasks need a stronger PC already, such as Microsoft Surface Studio 2 or similar. The price for that starts from $3500.

3. To support my beauty 😉

To support beauty, when you are a woman after 30 years old, is pretty expensive – hair, face, skin, nails…

4. To support my life.

I live overseas at my own expense, nobody sends or gives me money for free.

My basic expenses are :

    • Apartment rental (every month).

I would love to rent a bigger house and have there special room studio.

    • Internet (every month).
    • Food (everyday).
    • Clothes (every 2-3 months. I would love to upgrade my wardrobe more often, since in my living place clothes are very cheap, and here is always summer).
    • Car rental (every month).

5. To make me fun.

I would very much love to go sometimes to an attraction park, or cinema, or somewhere else to charge myself with good energy and positivity. I’m sure you know, that than a more positive person, then better everything that he is doing.

So, if you would like to support me, then very welcome to do it. Any amount is very appreciated, even $5 makes a difference.

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